September 27, 2016

Everlasting is Hitting VOD in October!

Last September we got the chance to check out and review a powerful little Thriller called Everlasting, and we loved it. Since then it's made the festival rounds, but has yet to be released to the public at large.

Writer/Director Anthony Stabley was cool enough to drop us a line to let us know that Everlasting will be hitting Amazon Instant sometime in October and then spreading to other platforms after Halloween, which is great news, because I really believe that there's going to be an audience for this one.

We'll post the appropriate details and links when they become available to us, which might be as early as next week. Until then, make read our review, check out the trailer below, and make sure that Everlasting is back on your radar.


  1. OK,since we don't have a forum section, I'll just post this stuff where I can.
    OK, so movies you guys should definitely check out.
    A movie with the great Michael Shannon, a nice little drama/lite thriller, called Complete Unknown. It's just a small movie that has big themes. You'll enjoy it.

    Rather you like old school rap or not, you will definitely enjoy this documentary I watched last night called 'Murder Rap: Inside the Biggie and Tupac Murders'. I was stunned by the implications this movie made. Why these people haven't been arrested leaves me speechless.

    And the king of fucked up movies I watched (not including "Antibirth". that was beyond fucked. Im surprised you haven't reviewed it yet) is "Swiss Army Man". I have no words for this. It won the Palm'd whatever award at Sundance. Or was it Cannes? Anyway, people actually walked out of it, and it still won. You'll watch it because you won't be able to tear your eyes away lmao.

  2. I always wanted forum section, and even tried to get Disqus for the comment sections.

    I want to review Antibirth, bur am so damn far behind on reviews that it got bumped back. It's on the list though.

    Definitely want to see Complete Unknown. Love Rachel Weisz.

  3. Ok listen, I realize you're behind and all, but I'm telling you as a friend: Bump Antibirth to the top. There is a good chance that you may not enjoy this movie. But...... But as a horror fan, and really a fanatic, you HAVE to watch this movie asap. I felt like I was watching a combination of USA networks "NightFlight", a David Lynch Film, a Cronenberg film, and the "RolyPoly FishHeads Video" all into one. As Doc Brown once said, "You're going to see some serious shit".

    (And I don't even think I am overhyping it, because the movie wasn't that great, LMAO. Ye, I am begging you to watch a potentially shitty movie, becuase it's a moral imperative.)

  4. Wait, when you say review, does that mean you have watched it already? Or that reviewing it watching it?

    Isn't Disqus basically the same as what you have now?

  5. Haven't seen it yet, but wnt to watch and review it. There. lol

    Disqus is real time though, more like a forum. Basically the same though. Kinda.