September 30, 2016

This Year's 31 Days of Horror is All About You!

I've been wracking my brain over the last month or so, trying to come up with a fun theme for this year's 31 Days of Horror. In the past we've done things like 31 Days of Creepy Kids; 31 Millennium Hotties; and the 31 Best Movies of Each Decade, but this year, it just wasn't coming to me.

Then I thought, why not let someone else decide what the theme should be? Then I thought, maybe people could submit movies or shorts that they want to see us review, and we could do a post a day about that. We constantly get a ton of "You have to see this movie!" and "Are you guys going to review this movie?" comments, emails, and DMs, so this would be a cool way for us to respond, dontcha think?

So that's what we're going to do.

Here's what you need to do:
  1. Visit this post that is stickied at the top of the sidebar. 
  2. Leave a comment below with a movie or short that you want us to review, and maybe even tell us why. You could even hit us up on Twitter or Facebook, but this is such a handy place to do that, I don't really know why you would.
  3. Provided we can get our hands on a copy, we will comply with your request.
  4. If you're a filmmaker, email us at with any screeners you'd like us to view & review.
  5. Good, bad, or in-between, we will give each movie/short the review treatment, though they may be in short form, depending. 
  6. It will be an interactive Halloween treat for all!

Now doesn't that sound fun?

We'll also be running down the Top 31 Horror Blu-rays that every Horror fan should have in their collection, so that'll be fun too.

So get to commenting, we'll get to watching and reviewing, and let's have a hell of a Halloween Season!


  1. Do tv-shows count?
    If so, I'd really love to read a review of The Exorcist. Overall, I think the writers did a pretty good job. They didn't try to make a reboot of the original movie, more a sequel, plus they managed to put their own spin on a very abused topic..but I won't say anything else, just in case you haven't seen the pilot. So, what does the Master think? :D

  2. Could you please review "Exhibit A"? I found it in your Best of Found Footage list and really enjoyed it, but noticed you haven't reviewed it yet. Would be great to hear your opinion on it. Thanks!

  3. a few movies that I haven't seen reviews for yet:

    Primal 2010
    Creep Van 2012
    Pig Hunt 2008
    Prey 2010
    ritual 2012(modus anomale)

    any of those would make a fine addition to this year's list.
    I keep a running text doc list of every good horror movie that I have watched and would tell someone to watch also.

    1. Pig Hunt is definitely worth a watch.

    2. Hell Yeah. That Movie was Dope.
      Not often do you see a movie with a redneck black man hunter, LOL.

  4. The Haunting (1963)
    The Others (2001)
    Kairo (2001)
    These are three of my favorite all time eerie films.
    I would love to see any of them reviewed.

  5. I would like to see a write up on 1982's "The Beast Within". Although after watching the rerelease a few years back and finding not a scary as remembered, I think it's pretty descent in context. It was one of those films that as a young child feed my over active imagination.The tranformation scene(which was a selling point) also looked way more real through the eyes of a ten year old. The overall vibe and ok acting(Ronny Cox,RG Armstrong) stand up and might be interesting to some old school connoisseurs.

  6. Wondering why you've yet to review Lights Out. I thought it was pretty solid. Been awhile since I was creeped out a little. Not a perfect film, but pretty effective I thought. :)