September 1, 2016

The VOD Releases of September!

VOD 550
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September is here, and that means that Horror fans everywhere are starting to get into Halloween mode! At least we are, because we're sick like that.

Whether you're in a full-on "Halloween is coming!" frenzy or not, you still love movies, and you need  to know what's coming out and when so that you can watch them, which is why we've updated our VOD Release Dates Page to reflect September's VOD releases, as well as October's and even some of November's. You can check out a preview below, or visit the full page in the link above.

*Keep in mind that release dates can, and most likely will change.

SEPTEMBERSep 2aSep 2Sep 2ksep 2sSep 2Sep 6Sept 6Sep 6 (3)Sep 6thSep 6Sep 6tSep 6Sep 6thSep 9dSep 9Sep 13aSep 13Sep 13bSep 13kSep 13Sep 13Sep 13 (2)Sep 16Sep 16dSep 16 VOD LIMSep 16 VOD LIM2Sept 20Sept 20sSept 20Sep 27Sep 30fSep 30gSep 30hSept 27170 x 267170 x 267Footer

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