September 13, 2016

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for 9/13

James Cameron's magnum opus; another Marvel blockbuster; a Dario Argento classic; an excellent Documentary; and a double dose of Scream Factory goodness... this is one hell of a good week to be a fan of physical media!

*Be sure to click the pics below to buy the movies, or even rent them. Or both. Or neither. It really depends on your mood, now doesn't it?
"Celebrate three decades of pulse-pounding action and bone-chilling suspense with this Aliens 30th Anniversary Limited-Edition Set that features both the Theatrical and Special Edition versions of the film on Blu-ray™, as well as audio commentary, deleted and extended scenes and more. This must-have set also includes collectible art cards, and a book featuring art from the Dark Horse Comics Aliens series with an all-new cover created exclusively for this 30th Anniversary Edition. The Blu-ray and Digital HD release will include an all-new, documentary titled "The Inspiration and Design of Aliens," which delves into the origins of the film."

Aliens, one of the best Sci-Fi/Action flicks of all-time is now available on Blu-ray in a super special, fancy 30th Anniversary Edition, and if you don't already own this classic, then this is probably the version to get.

Special Features:
  • The Inspiration and Design of Aliens featurette.
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes.
  • Superior Firepower: Making Aliens.
  • Superior Firepower: Making Aliens Enhancement.
  • Pre-Production Galleries.
  • Casting.
  • Deleted Scene Montage.
"The most explosive clash to ever rock the Marvel Cinematic Universe ignites a firestorm of conflict in the game-changing epic, Captain America: Civil War. In the wake of collateral damage, government pressure to rein in the Avengers drives a deep wedge between Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), causing a catastrophic rift that escalates into an all-out feud. Against a backdrop of divided loyalties, their fellow Avengers must deal with the fallout."

Yep, we're Fanboys at heart, and Captain America: Civil War thrilled the hell out of us. Is it the best Comic Book movie ever made? I don't know. Maybe. Probably not. It is an excellent flick though, and it's a way better Avengers movie that Age of Ultron was.

This Blu-ray is ours on day one. 

Special Features:
  • Audio Commentary.
  • United We Stand, Divided We Fall: The Making of Captain America: Civil War.
  • Captain America: The Road to Civil War.
  • Iron Man: The Road to Civil War.
  • Gag Reel.
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes.
  • Open Your Mind: Marvel's Doctor Strange - Exclusive Sneak Peek.
"American mystery author Peter Neal (Anthony Franciosa) comes to Italy to promote his newest novel, TENEBRAE. Unfortunately, a razor-wielding serial killer is on the loose, taunting Neal and murdering those around him in gruesome fashion just like the character in his novel. As the mystery surrounding the killings spirals out of control, Neal investigates the crimes on his own, leading to a mind-bending, genre-twisting conclusion that will leave you breathless!"

Kinda pissed that Synapse swore there would be no "regular" version of Tenebrae forthcoming when they released their $40+ Steelbook earlier this year, and lo and behold, here it is, but hey, business is business.

That aside, Tenebrae is one of Dario Argento's best movies, and the Blu-ray treatment that Synapse has given it is nothing short of spectacular. It's a gorgeous disc packed with a ton of Special Features, and it needs to be on your shelf if it already isn't.

Special Features:
  • All-new Synapse Films supervised color correction and restoration of a 1080p scan from the original camera negative, presented in the original aspect ratio of 1.85:1.
  • Dual English and Italian language options with newly-translated English subtitle tracks for both.
  • Audio commentary track featuring film critic and Argento scholar, Maitland McDonagh.
  • Rare high-definition 1080p English sequence insert shots, playable within the film via Seamless Branching.
  • Feature-length documentary, YELLOW FEVER: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE GIALLO by High Rising Productions, chronicling the Giallo film genre from its beginnings as early 20th century crime fiction, to its later influences on the modern slasher film genre.
  • Original UNSANE (U.S. version of TENEBRAE) end credits sequence.
  • Alternate opening credits sequence.
  • Theatrical trailers.
There are lots of other options for us to ponder down here in the bottom half of the order this week too.

  • The Conjuring 2 was a decent sequel. Read our review HERE.
  • De Palma is an excellent Doc, and one that must be seen if you love the work of Brian De Palma, or film in general. Read our review HERE.
  • Evil Dead 2 is getting its millionth DVD/Blu-ray release today, and it's worth a look if you haven't already triple-dipped (or worse) on the title.
  • The Hammer Horror 8-Film Collection looks interesting.
  • Marauders looks to be a solid Crime Thriller, and it's definitely one that we're eager to check out.
  • Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn is a Bad Movie classic from the early 80's that is sure to please any fan of cheesy Post-Apocalyptic B-grade flicks. What a cool title by Scream/Shout Factory.
  • ... And Scream Factory strikes again with their 2nd cool release of the week, Raising Cain. This is a Brian De Palma flick that we may not love as much as some of his other efforts, but it's solid and De Palma-esque enough to make it a good time.
  • And everything else, as always, is a crap-shoot.

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