February 1, 2016

ICYMI: Our January Reviews!

Jan (2)
We reviewed 14 movies in January, and they were a mixture of old & new, good & bad. We're really hoping that February will up the quality level for us, because we're totally ready for the first great movie of 2016. 

On the good front, we had to reach back in time to get to the best stuff, including Argento's Deep Red and The Cat O' Nine Tails; and the excellent Giallo, What Have You done to Solange? We enjoyed a few new movies too, namely Intruders, The Man in the Orange Jacket, and Freaks of Nature. Jeruzalem and Landmine Goes Click were decent too.

There were also a few movies from 2015 that we had to catch up on too, and most of them ended up being decent enough. Gravy was probably the best of them.

As far as the ones that we didn't like go... The Martyrs remake was abysmal, and The Vatican Tapes was really underwhelming.

So here they are listed in graded order, from “best” to “worst.” If you haven't read through them yet, feel free to do so now, and enjoy!

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