February 14, 2016

Finally, Some Good TV Shows Return This Week!

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It's been a long, cold, uneventful Winter so far on the TV front, as there are barely any shows that we're tuning in to watch on a regular basis... but that all changes beginning tonight!

  • SUNDAY: The Walking Dead returns tonight to kick off the back half of its 6th Season, and we're pretty sure that some crazy shit is about to go down. We already know that Negen is in the picture; we probably won't see him until the Season Finale (or close to it), but he's a BAD, BAD guy who will bring death and destruction with him when he does finally show up. We also know that at least one character from the main group will most likely die by season's end, but let's just hope it's not Daryl. It's going to be nerve-wracking, to say the least. 
  • SUNDAY: HBO is premiering the new Rock n' Roll Drama, Vinyl, on Sunday, with a 2-Hour Season Premiere. Created by Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese, Vinyl is set in the world of the 70's N.Y.C music scene, which as you can imagine, was pretty crazy. The one-two punch of TWD and Vinyl are no doubt going to make our Sunday nights entertaining again.
  • MONDAY: Better Call Saul makes its 2nd Season bow on Monday, and we're almost as excited for it, as we are TWD. It's an excellent show that will be a nice cool-down coming off of our zombie-filled Sunday nights.  
  • MONDAY: Also premiering on Monday is the new Stephen King mini-series, 11.22.63. We really liked the book, and we're hoping that the show will do it plenty of time-traveling justice.
  • THURSDAY: Vikings, another one of the best shows on TV (and one of our absolute favorites), returns with its 4th Season on Thursday night. With the way they left things at the end of season 3, we have no doubt that there is nothing but bloody craziness in store for Ragnar Lothbrok and his viking horde in season 4.

This is going to be one entertaining week on TV.

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