February 6, 2016

Retro Horror Hotties: The Ladies of Dressed To Kill (1980)

If nothing else Dressed to Kill pushed plenty of sexual boundaries for a movie released in 1980. That opening shower scene with Angie Dickinson was about as close to porn as it got in mainstream movies back then, and both she and Nancy Allen playing "women of questionable morals" was definitely controversial to say the least. Add a transsexual murderer to that already racy mix, and it's no wonder that the MPAA originally gave the movie an X-rating. Fucking fascists.

We were all very sheltered back then.

The fact that Angie Dickinson was almost 50 years old when she bared it all (and we do mean bared it ALL), makes it all the more impressive. She was a classic actress by the time she took the role in Dressed To Kill, and it made quite a splash when she did.

Nancy Allen was just 80's hot.

So lets take a quick look at The Ladies of Dressed To Kill, just because we want to.

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