February 26, 2016

What's New on VOD This Week? (2/23-2/26)

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A deaf gang on the loose in the Ukraine; two tales of Frankenstein; and two low-budget Supernatural tales... this is the week in VOD!

  • If there's one "Good" movie seeing release this week, it's The Tribe. We saw this odd, disturbing movie last year, and while we didn't review it, it definitely left an impression on us. It stars all deaf actors, so there's no dialogue at all in the movie, which gives it an eerie, silent quality. It's also got some rough content such as rape and some brutal murders, so it's definitely not going to appeal to everyone. If you like your Horror movies different and arty, then you should probably give it a rent.
  • The first of our two Frankenstein movies this week is simply titled Frankenstein. The trailer looks alright, and it's got a solid cast that includes Carrie-Anne Moss, Tony Todd, Danny Huston, and Xavier Samuel, so we'll probably give this one a watch. 
  • The other Frankenstein movie of the week, Victor Frankenstein, didn't fare so well with critics or audiences. We love James McAvoy, and Daniel Radcliffe is cool with us, so maybe it won't be so bad... We'll probably wait to see it when it hits cable or Netflix or something. 
  • The Fear of Darkness and Home are both lover-budget efforts that might be worth checking out. 
  • And that's it, so happy streaming!

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