February 28, 2016

ICYMI: Our February Reviews!

We reviewed 14 movies in February, and much like the ones we reviewed in January, they were a mixture of old & new, good & bad. Unlike January though, most of what we watched in February fell on the good side of the quality fence.

Not counting the Cabin Fever remake, of course. That was just dreadful.

On the new movie front, we were blessed with the raunchy comedic gold of Deadpool; the oddly compelling Nina Forever; a cool Horror Anthology called Southbound; and the best worst movie ever, Troll 2. The oldies once again gave us all sorts of satisfaction too, with Salem's Lot, Dressed To Kill, and Torso reminding us why the 70's and 80's are hard to top, Horror-wise.

There were plenty of middle of the road efforts as well, but the only true abomination was the Cabin Fever remake. Just avoid it if you can.

So here they are listed in graded order, from “best” to “worst.” If you haven't read through them yet, feel free to do so now, and enjoy!

170 (9)170170 (3)170 (7)170170 (6)170 (4)Troll170 (5)170 (2)170 (11)170 (10)170170 (8)170 x 284

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