December 27, 2012

The Horror Hotties of 2012- Part 2

We told you that 2012 had no shortage of Hotties populating its Horror movie offerings, and Part 2 of our list is proof of that!

Chloe Coulloud: Livide
This cutie had us believing that she really had two different colored eyes after watching Livide, but we can see that it was all some elaborate lie! No matter, she's still a Hottie, so we can forgive her for such deception... this time.

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Fabianne Therese: The Aggression Scale, John Dies at the End
Here's another PYT who despite being new on the Horror scene, has already given us a quality shower scene to enjoy. We predict that she's going to have plenty of work coming her way, based on that alone. You know what, she deserves it too.... and so do we. More shower scenes, please.

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Haley Bennett: The Hole
It took the better part of three years for The Hole to see a decent release, which is a shame because it's a really good movie. Sure, it has a mildly suggestive title, but it's not at all about any of Haley Bennett's naughty parts (shame, that), so we're not really sure what the long delay was all about... Anywho, Haley Bennett is hot, as evidenced by the above pic. I mean, wow. We just had to show her (and her movie) some quick love.

Our Review of The Hole.

Kathryn Newton: Paranormal Activity 4
Now, we're not usually big on calling a 16-year-old girl a Hottie, because we really try to avoid being creepers, but on occasion we just have to break our own rule. Kathryn Newton is crazy pretty and talented, and in a few years she's going to be a pretty big thing; this we foretell. We thought PA4 was an abysmal movie, and we ripped on it pretty hard, so giving some love to its only real bright spot felt like the right thing to do. Don't worry, Kathryn, you'll get some better roles soon enough, and you'll be just fine. For now, just enjoy breaking those teenage boy's hearts.

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Kelen Coleman: Cassadaga
If we had to pick our favorite type of woman, and that would be a very hard thing to do, we're definitely suckers for curvy brunettes... and Kelen Coleman fits that bill perfectly. Cassadaga and Kelen were both pleasant surprises for us this year, and we're totally waiting for a sequel; a sequel where Kelen Coleman is topless more than she was in the first one.

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Milla Jovovich: Resident Evil: Retribution
She's Milla, so you know why she's here; she's hot, she kicks ass, and.. well, that's pretty much why she's here. At almost 40-years-old, she's still giving we genre fans action-packed movies to love, and for that, we love her right back.

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Natalie Zea: InSight
InSight barely registers as a Horror Thriller, and therefore Natalie Zea shouldn't even be on this list, but we make the rules, so ha! We love her on Justified, and she's ridiculously hot, and so here she is. She's also going to be starring in the new Kevin Bacon Serial Killer drama, The Following, in January, so that counts too. Anywho, she's hot.

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Robin McLeavy: The Loved Ones, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
She's on on our of favorite TV Shows at the moment (Hell on Wheels), and she played one of the more memorably twisted characters this year in The Loved Ones (another 2009 movie just seeing release now), and she's hot to boot... and we like them hot and twisted. We also like Aussie accents. A lot.

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The Girls of The Moth Diaries
The movie was nothing more than "alright," but its Hottie-Factor was through the roof. Lily Cole, Sarah Gadon and Sarah Bolger make up a hot trio of good looks and lesbian tension, although if we're being honest, Lily Cole's face was pretty distracting... mainly because she kinda looks like an Alien to us. Still, the hotness in this movie is palpable, especially because the three of them are Naughty Schoolgirls, and isn't that whole thing like at the top of "Fantasy Mountain?" Yes. Yes it is.

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Yael Grobglas: Rabies
The other hot chick from Rabies, Yael Grobglas is not only really hot, but she had what we consider to be the best moment in the film... which we won't spoil, because it was awesome and you should experience it for yourself. As an aside, we love her eyes and lips. That is all.

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The Girls of The Cabin in the Woods
In what may just be the best Horror flick of 2012, we're treated to one of the oddest + sexiest scenes ever; blond bombshell Anna Hutchinson gets dared to make-out with a wolf's head that's mounted on the wall, and she does... and it's hot as hell. Yes, it feels really weird to admit that, but good lord that scene freezes everyone in place every time it comes on the screen. Kristen Connolly is hot too, although she's definitely more "good girl hot," but Anna Hutchinson is the real showstopper here. Still, both are equally sexified in this one, and we're better off as people for it.

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The Girls of The Fades
Who doesn't like odd, creepy, hot British chicks? I know I do, and this show is packed full of them. Natalie Dormer is odd looking to many people, but we find her insanely hot. We've loved Lily Loveless ever since we first saw Skins, and along with Sophie Wu and Jenn Murray, they help Dormer carry the Hottie load. Too bad this awesome show was cancelled, because it had so much goodness to offer us... at least we will always have its one and only season to enjoy from time to time.

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Sara Paxton: The Innkeepers, Shark Night 3-D, Enter Nowhere
It seems that every year, Sara Paxton shows up in some crazy genre flicks, and we have to wonder if she's found a niche that makes her happy. We're happy as hell having a sexy blond Model-quality chick showing up in the flicks that we love, so yeah. She's one of our faves.

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Tara Lynne Barr: God Bless America
One of the craziest and most controversial movies of the year also boasts one of the cutest thangs that we've seen in a movie this year. Tara Lynne Barr was great as the murderous teen sidekick in GBA, and we truly do hope that it's only the beginning for her as far as the Horror genre goes. We need more sociopathic rage hiding behind cute and innocent facades around here, dontcha think?

Our Review of God Bless America.

Now, go see all of these flicks and enjoy the chicks!


  1. Natalie Dormer seriously does it for me, man... I'm literally obsessed! Lily Cole too. I guess I dig "weird" lookin' chicks.

    Robin McLeavey is a goddess. As are Milla and Kate, obviously. And that scene in Cabin with the wolf's head make-out was so totally hot and incredible! Nice lists.

  2. That is not Tara Lynne Barr in the picture you posted.

  3. We blame Google, and it's endless amount of websites that said it was Tara Lynn Barr when we did a reverse image search...

    We'll just switch it and call it even, m'kay?