December 20, 2012

Rounding up the Stragglers: Part 1

We've seen a lot of movies this year, and reviewed about half of what we've seen. It would be impossible for us to review every genre flick we watched in 2012, because if we did, we'd do nothing but sit at the computer and write up reviews, day and night, and that would get fairly monotonous.

So, for every one of the 90 or so reviews we've written, there's another one or maybe even two that we skipped over. Some we skip over because everyone on the Internet was already writing about them, and we frankly didn't have much else to add. Others we skip over because if we didn't, we'd be churning out an endless string of "man did that suck" type of reviews, and after a while that just feels like we're hating movies just to hate them.

So before we get into our end of the year awards lists, let's take a few minutes to at least offer a paragraph or two on some of the movies that we never got around to writing about, and that deserve to have a few words spoken about them.

Citadel is one of those flicks that left us feeling unsure about whether we liked it or  not. On one hand, it's a pretty interesting concept that's executed fairly well, while on the other, the main character whined and winged so much, that it was really hard for us to care about what happened to his ass.

The movie centers around and guy who watches a gang of creepy little Hoodie kids kill his wife, and his descent into agoraphobia thereafter. He's left to take care of his infant daughter on his own, which is all well and good (despite his petrifying fear of leaving his house), until the same gang of creepy kids show up again, hell bent on taking his daughter away from him.

Citadel has its moments, and manages to deliver a decent amount of tension, but it honestly felt a bit like a modern-day take on The Brood, with a British twist. The Demonic aspect of the Hoodies was interesting, as it's always fairly creepy watching a bunch of creepy kids running around and acting all creepy.

Citadel was decent enough, but as I said before, the winging of the agoraphobic lead left us mostly cold. Still, we're glad we saw it. Once.


We've been waiting for this one since the end credits rolled on The Collector way back in 2009. We loved that movie, and we desperately wanted to see what fate befell its hero, Arkin, find out more about The Collector and his motivations, and honestly, see some more gory mayhem. The gory mayhem was the best part of the whole thing, after all.

The Collection picks up somewhere after The Collector ends, with Arkin escaping The Collector's evil clutches, and being forced to take a group of mercenaries back to his lair to rescue the creepers latest victim.

What ensues is a  bloody cavalcade of crazy traps and gory deaths, which is really what we wanted from this movie anyway, isn't it?

If we have one criticism of The Collection, it's that it felt a bit rushed. The Collector took its time and cut us slow and deep; The Collection was much faster paced and seemed more like it was stabbing at us in a stick and move fashion. We still really liked it, we just wish it had taken it's time a bit more, and built its atmosphere a bit better.

We do have to say that the best part of the movie may have been the ending; in a Horror world where endings are so ambiguous and "twisty" more often than not, it was really great to have a movie end on such a... cool note.

We can't wait until The Collection hits Blu-ray so we can give it another watch, back to back with its predecessor. It really was one of the most enjoyable rides we've taken all year.


It's really hard for us not to love any horror movie that involves Nazi's, and as these types of movies go, the 2008 hidden gem Outpost was one of our absolute faves. Ray Stevenson and his band of bad ass Brit Soldiers vs. The Undead S.S. was so much fun that we immediately hoped for a sequel.

Well, four years later, we finally got one.

Evil Nazi scientist Kalusener has a crazy machine that can create an immortal, undead Nazi army, and even though he's dead, he's still able to use it effectively and unleash his Storm-Troopers on Eastern Europe... yeah, forget about the plot. This movie is about a bunch of Soldiers facing off with a bunch of Nazi Zombies. Anything else is irrelevant.

Outpost II: Black Sun isn't as good as Outpost, but it still has its merits. Where the first movie was more of a ghost story, the sequel is definitely a zombie action flick, which is either good or bad depending on which type of Horror flick you prefer.

We liked this movie for what it is; a fun diversion. Outpost (2008) is markedly better, but at least its sequel was fun. Mostly.



  1. Great reviews. This is going to sound completely random, but what movie is the image at the top of this post from?

    1. It's from a short film called T Is For Twig. It was an unused submission for the first ABCs of Death movie. You can watch it on YouTube, it's pretty cool.