December 5, 2012

The Digital Dread Report for December 4th

This week belongs to the Batman, plain and simple.

TDKR is a great end to a great trilogy, is going to look great on Blu-ray, and is not only the must own release of the week, but of the entire month. Own it and love it. We got the Target exclusive Digibook and the BB exclusive Steelbook, and both are awesome.

We had to order The Hostel BD 2-pack from Amazon because of the crazy low $4.99 price tag. They're fun enough flicks to warrant a $5 spenditure, especially for both in one set.

V/H/S also hits this week, and though we didn't think it was the second coming of Hand-Held Christ like some other sites did, we enjoyed it enough to give it another watch. Ditto for Silent Night; nothing mind blowing, but enough dumb fun to warrant at least a rental.

If you're a Godzilla/Gamera fan, then this week is a special treat for you with two new releases to roar about.

Existenz and Tell No One were both solid flicks, and both worthy of a viewing.

The Silent Night, Deadly Night double feature is a fun blast from the past; the first one is a slasher classic, while part 2 is honestly one of the worst movies of all time. Honestly, Eric Freeman turns in one of the worst acting efforts ever in the sequel, which is good or bad depending on whether you like bad movies or not. Either way, fun times all around.

There's a good mix of movies out this week, but like I said from the start, nothing tops The Dark Knight Rises, for must-have status this week.


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