December 28, 2012

The Middlin’s of 2012

Before we talk about the Best and Worst movies of the year, it's only fair that we cover those that fall somewhere in between those two descriptors; The Middlin's.

Not good enough to be one of the best, but not bad enough to be one of the worst, the movies below all have their merits and faults. They're both good and bad. They're the movies that just didn't quite fit on our other lists, either way.

This is the middle of the road, folks. It could be much worse.

Then again, it could also be much better.

bayposcitdndposdivposfactposgoneposgreyp0shikeposinsposinkuintpo2mothdposnailbposop2rltsposres5posroad2shoupossleepossolkpostwixtposurbexposuwaposvicpossep 550

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