December 22, 2012

Quick Review: Looper (2012)
Before we get into our end of the year awards lists, let's take a few minutes to at least offer a paragraph or two on some of the movies that we never got around to writing about, and that deserve to have a few words spoken about them.

Looper was a very ambitious movie that wasn't the genre-defining movie that we'd anticipated it to be, but that delivered a solidly entertaining story, none the less.

If you like a good Sci-Fi flick that offers some dazzling visuals and some interesting concepts, then this movie is definitely one that should be on your "must see" list.

It's a complex, thinking man's type of action flick, that plays in the realm of time travel. It twists and turns enough to make you want to see it again right after, so that you can both make sense out of what you just saw and enjoy it from a completely different viewpoint than you previously did.

Could Emily Blunt be any hotter?
Joseph Gordon Levitt is one of Hollywood's best young actors, and although he looked really odd at times in his "young Bruce Willis" prosthetics, he pulled off this role and became one hell of an action star in the process.

That Bruce Willis chin though...
Again, it wasn't an instant classic like we'd hoped it would be, but it was one hell of a good flick that left us satisfied, and one that's well worth a rental or purchase.


Ah, Emily Blunt...

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