December 18, 2012

The Digital Dread Report for December 18th

This week we get new releases on both Tuesday and Friday, due to Christmas messing up the release schedule. That's pretty inconsiderate of you, Christmas!

I suppose for those needing last minute gifts though, it's a good thing.

Resident Evil: Retribution is the big horror release of the week, arriving in DVD, BD and 3D BD versions. We also get a Resident Evil Box Set containing all 5 of the RE flicks on BD, which is pretty neat if you love these flicks. We own none of them on Blu-ray yet, so we'll probably opt for the Box Set and call it a day.

Killer Joe is worth a look too. We liked the movie quite a bit (despite the... odd... ending), and we definitely welcome it to our collection. Death Ship is a pretty cool classic that's finally been given the BD treatment, so we may have to give that one a look too.

The TMNT movies are not for us, but we know that tons of people out there will love finally having them on Blu-ray. Kowabunga?

As for the rest of the week's releases, well they are not coming home with us for the holidays.

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