December 22, 2012

Rounding up the Stragglers: Part 3

We've seen a lot of movies this year, and reviewed only about half of what we've seen. It would be impossible for us to review every genre flick we watched in 2012, because if we did, we'd do nothing but sit at the computer and write up reviews, day and night, and that would get fairly monotonous.

So before we get into our end of the year awards lists, let's take a few minutes to at least offer a paragraph or two on some of the movies that we never got around to writing about, and that deserve to have a few words spoken about them.

The Expendables 2 is nothing more than shameless, unapologetic fun. It knows that its strengths don't lie in deep storytelling, brilliant acting, or even reality, and it doesn't care.

This movie (and its predecessor) exists to bring an ensemble of big action movie stars together, both past and present, and let them shoot things, stab things, and blow things up.

How can we not love that?

This year Hollywood offered action fans such underwhelming clunkers as Battleship, John Carter, Contraband, Lockout, Men in Black 3, Premium Rush, Total Recall and Red Dawn, all of which failed to deliver the goods. They were over-budgeted, over-blown, over-serious movies that just didn't work, all on different levels.

The Expendables works because it knows it's not very good, but it knows that it doesn't have to be good to be incredibly fun... and fun it was.

We need more "it's not supposed to be good!" types of flicks in our Summer movie going lives, and the Expendables franchise fits the bill perfectly.


Looper was a very ambitious movie that wasn't the genre-defining movie that we'd anticipated it to be, but that delivered a solidly entertaining story none the less.

If you like a good Sci-Fi flick that offers some dazzling visuals and some interesting concepts, then this movie is definitely one that should be on your "must see" list.

It's a complex, thinking man's type of action flick, that plays in the realm of time travel. It twists and turns enough to make you want to see it again right after, so that you can both make sense out of what you just saw and enjoy it from a completely different viewpoint than you previously did.

Joseph Gordon Levitt is one of Hollywood's best young actors, and although he looked really odd at times in his "young Bruce Willis" prosthetics, he pulled off this role and became one hell of an action star in the process.

Again, it wasn't an instant classic like we'd hoped it would be, but it was one hell of a good flick that left us satisfied.


Now here's a movie that was widely panned by critics, and that really didn't deserve all of the venom that it inspired. At least not most of it, anyway.

The Possession is a movie about an old box that has a Dybbuk living inside of it; a Dybbuk, for those not up on their Jewish Lore, is a mean and angry spirit. Anywho, a little girl is given the box bu her Dad as a gift, opens it, and is subsequently possessed by the Dybbuk...

Alright, so it's not hard to see why this movie was given such a hard ride; it's not very original, its PG-13 rating prevented it from getting to intense, and nothing really crazy happened until the exorcism at the end. Still, it was a decent flick that held our attention and even managed to creep us out a little bit throughout.

Maybe it's because we're big fans of Jeffrey Dean Morgan? He tends to lessen the blow of crappy movies for us, because he's just so comforting to watch on screen. He's a great natural actor, and with anyone else in the lead role, we may have liked this movie less.

The Possession is a decent little "teen friendly" Horror movie, that entertains fairly well even though most of the movie retreads familiar grounds, and doesn't feel very original at all. Don't ask us. Sometimes we just fall for the lesser ones.


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  1. I mostly agree about the action clunkers, except for Premium Rush. I really enjoyed that movie. I also didn't think John Carter was as bad as everybody made it out to be, but I'll give you that one.