December 21, 2012

Quick Review: The Awakening (2012)
Before we get into our end of the year awards lists, let's take a few minutes to at least offer a paragraph or two on some of the movies that we never got around to writing about, and that deserve to have a few words spoken about them.

Now here's a small, quiet little flick that caught our attention and held it, and we ended up having a great time watching it.

Rebecca Hall is great as a paranormal debunker who is invited to a London Boys school to investigate some alleged ghost sightings, only to have a bunch of eerie things happen, a few of which were pretty effective (Dollhouse. We'll say no more.)

Creepy ghost kid, We'll say no more.
The Awakening is set in 1922 London, so if you like movies with that spooky old world feel about them, you'll most likely love this one. The movie feels a lot like The Orphanage or The Others, in that it's a slow builder, and tells its story in quiet, hushed tones.

The Awakening is really more of a Mystery than it is a pure Horror flick, but it's engaging none the less. Its strong point is really in its characters, and the actors that play them. Rebecca Hall is a great in her role as she is hot, and Dominic West is a fave of ours ever since his work on The Wire. They both shine here.

But where was the sex scene?
If you like it slow and soft, then The Awakening may just be right up your alley. It was for us, at the very least, a welcomed change of pace in a year filled with so many loud and visceral horror movies.


Rebecca Hall needs to be in more Genre movies.

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