August 26, 2014

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for August 26th

August is certainly going out swinging in it's last week with a bunch of New Releases that are calling to our pocket books... which really sucks, because September is so jam-packed with Must Have releases, that we were hoping for a bit of a reprieve this week.

Oh well, at least we'll have some great Movies and TV Shows to watch while we're sitting home, broke.

The Legend of Hell House is one of the greatest haunted house flicks of all-time, and we can't wait to see how it looks on Blu-ray. For the $15.89 that Amazon is asking for this one, it's a no-brainer of a purchase for us.

The Possession of Michael King looks interesting enough for a Found Footage flick, and we'll be reviewing it soon. Is it worth a purchase? I don't know, I guess you'll have to wait for our review to find out! Man, that sounded cold. We're sorry for snapping like that.

The Hell of the Living Dead/Rats: Night of Terror two-pack from Blue Underground is probably one that we won't be adding to our collection any time soon, as we never really liked "Hell" all that much, but fans of legendary Bruno Mattei will be in heaven with this set. Blue Underground always does great justice to Trash Cinema titles like this, so it's probably worth a pickup for most. Check out this TRAILER for Rats: Night of Terror, and enjoy the awesomeness.

The biggest release of the week has to be Season Four of The Walking Dead. There's no way that we can't own this on Blu-ray; the only question is do we get the normal version, or spring the extra coin for the Collector's Edition with the "Tree Walker" statue thingy?

With the final season of Sons of Anarchy set to begin in just two short weeks (whimper), we need to re-watch Season Six, which also hits Blu-ray today. If you have yet to catch this fantastic series, then you're truly missing out on some great TV. It's truly one of the best dramas that we've seen over the past six years.

Haven isn't necessarily a Must Own for us, but for a SYFY show, it's managed to keep us interested from the beginning. The story is pretty good, we love the cast, and Emily Rose is a total babe, so, maybe it is a Must Own for us? 

The only one of these Direct-To-Video "goodies" that we've seen is Blood Glacier (read our review HERE), and we can at least say that it was a fun watch on a Guilty Pleasure sort of a level.

We also fondly remember the Twilight Zone series from the 80's, and like most Anthology TV Shows of it's type, it was a hit or miss effort. The "Shadow Man" episode -in which a creature lives under a kid's bed- gave us nightmares for weeks after seeing it, so maybe we need to revisit this one and see how it holds up.


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