August 19, 2014

Horror Hotties: Elisabeth Moss

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I think it's fair to say that Elisabeth Moss isn't exactly a prolific presence in the Horror Genre; although she's done her fair share of Horror, Thriller, and Sci-Fi work, she's definitely most known for her dramatic roles, most notably on Mad Men and The West Wing. It's also fair to say that she's crazy hot, and we're in the mood to post some hot pictures of her, so damn it all!

Back in 2001, Elisabeth starred in some cheesy Made-for-TV ghost story called Spirit. The most terrifying part of the entire movie is that Greg Evigan was playing the lead; if you've ever seen B.J. and the Bear, you know exactly what we mean.

You can never hope to escape from Greg Evigan!
In 2007, Elisabeth starred in The Attic, in which she played some crazy chick who gets killed by a house. That movie also features a younger Alexandra Daddario taking a bubble bath and nearly revealing her mammarios, so it's a double win for us. It was an alright movie, but double the Hotties made it far more watchable than it deserved to be.

Don't just stand there and watch, help her wash her back!
Mad Men and West Wing aside, her TV luck hasn't always been that great. In 2005, she starred in the short-lived Sci-Fi show, Invasion, playing a creepy bitch who presumably got knocked up by aliens, or was an alien, or something like that. The show only lasted one season, so we may never know what she was, or what she was supposed to give birth to... or did she got shot in that first season. We can't remember.

She was up to something, I just know it!
She also played a rookie Cop who does battle with a Serial Killer in an episode of the also short-lived NBC series, Fear Itself.

In last year's Top of the Lake, Elisabeth went from the comfort of her Mad Men offices in New York, to the creepy town of Laketop, New Zealand, to do battle with a bunch of Kiwi pedophiles, pimps, corrupt Cops, and creepers. Seeing her brandish a gun was way hotter than waiting her come up with frigging ad slogans, so we hope that she'll do more gritty (and naked) roles like this in the future.

"Put the 12-year-old down, mate!"
So it's clear that Elisabeth Moss has had a long and successful career, and that she's had the grace to remain hot through it all... not when she was a kid, of course, but like once she started showing up on West Wing. She was plenty legal by then.

Why do we find her sexy? Well, she's talented, so that's always an alluring quality. She also changes her hairstyle and color a lot, so maybe that's what it is about her; she always looks different, and each look works well with her pixie-like face and figure. Plus, she looks like she's all kinds of mischievous, and really, who doesn't want a mischievous little sass-box in their lives, even if it's just on TV?

Best outfit ever.
Now that Mad Men is ending, she's all set to branch out into some crazy roles, one of which is the Thriller Queen of Earth, and if rumor is to be believed, she may just become one of the titular detectives on Season 2 of HBO's True Detective. Please make that happen, HBO, and make sure that you put a guaranteed nudity clause in her contract, because, realism.

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