August 8, 2014

What's new on VOD this week?

VOD 550
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A Sci-Fi Thriller; some Hoodie Horror; a haunted mirror; a tale of some creepy real estate; a shit-covered anti-hero; and  perverse movie with no dialogue...

This week's VOD releases are a diverse group to say the least.

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Coherence looks like an interesting little Sci-Fi Thriller, and in a year that's had its share of interesting Sci-Fi Thrillers (Enemy, Snowpiercer, Under the Skin), that's saying something.

Comedown is a Hoodie/Chav Horror flick that I could swear we saw a year or two ago. I could be wrong, because so many movies in this genre are so similar to one another, and we see so many things around here that it's impossible to remember every last one of them... Well, our having seen it or not aside, this one looks alright, but we're not in a hurry to see it.

If you have yet to see Oculus (our review HERE), then you're missing out, because as "Haunted House" stories go, this one delivers the creepy goods. If you're already afraid of mirrors though, you may want to avoid this movie as it will most definitely give you fits/nightmares.

We absolutely loved Nicholas McCarthy's The Pact, and so we're more than eager to see his follow up film, At the Devil's Door. Above all others, this is THE movie that we're dying to see this week.

Septic Man sounds like it's going to be The Toxic Avenger, only this time the anti-hero of the movie is covered in shit. Not sure if we (I, in particular), can stomach sitting through a movie that involves its main character being covered in shit the entire time, so we'll probably leave this one to the Gorehounds who don't flinch at even the most nauseating of concepts.

Moebius is a Korean film that has been banned in its home country because of its supposed nasty subject matter. It's also a movie that runs for 89 minutes and contains no dialogue whatsoever.... We're really interested to see how this one plays, and so we'll be checking it out in short order.


  1. Nice blog and the photos are also very nice ghost stories are a good entertainment for them who like thrill and abhorrer stories.


  2. Thanks. Looking forward to watching COHERENCE and MOEBIUS in the not so distant future.