August 29, 2014

What's new on VOD this week?

VOD 550
Of course VOD options are getting bigger and better, it's almost the Fall, and most people tend to stay in more in the Fall. You know, school and stuff.

Thankfully we have all kinds of great movies to keep us warm as the nights grow colder, both this week and beyond.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Godzilla, and The Rover are all available for early digital purchase on Amazon right now. All three movies are fantastic, and well worth your rental/purchase dollars, but just know that "owning" them digitally a few weeks early is going to cost you between $14.99 and $19.99. We'd personally rather spend $19.99 on the Blu-ray for movies like Cap and Godzilla, and own them in the best possible quality, but that's just us.

If you're just looking to rent them, then hold out for a few weeks and wait until they hit a reasonable rental price. If you need to see them NOW, then have at it. We bit on The Rover, ourselves.

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Saying that Leprechaun: Origins (read our review HERE) was a disappointment is putting it mildly; the movie is a travesty. If you're looking for a fun addendum to the original franchise, this is not it. Rent it if you will, but honestly, spending your money on any other VOD title this week would be the far better move.

Jamie Marks is Dead looks like it could end up being really good. It's got an interesting premise, and a hell of a cast (Liv Tyler and Judy Greer are always awesome), so here's to hoping that the movie plays as well as its trailer did.

Kite is a live action film based off of the 1998 Anime of the same name. We have to admit that it looks fun, as it has that Point of No Return vibe going for it (plus Sam Jackson), but it's only on DirecTV as of right now, so we'll have to wait to check it out.Damn you, Comcast!

Moebius is a Korean film that has been banned in its home country because of its supposed nasty subject matter, and so we're naturally intrigued. It's also a movie that runs for 89 minutes and contains no dialogue whatsoever, so it's bound to be different. We're really interested to see how this one plays though, and we'll be checking it out in short order.

We'll also be watching The Possession of Michael King pretty soon here, as we haven't seen a decent possession movie in a while. Will it actually be decent? Who knows, but we'll be taking our chances all the same.

Thus is the life of the Horror faithful.


  1. Moebius was great. Not sure its for everyone, but knowing that you like Korean Cinema as much as I do, I know youll dig it. You dont even realize there is no dialog in it, they did that good of a job! You WILL leave that film with more appreciation and grateful respect towards your penis when its over... The Rover was badass, made me go back and watch Animal Kingdom again... "Ghetto-chaun: Orgies" sucked ass!! They even had me drawn in by the "serious" tone they did with it, instead of campy... What the fuck was "serious" about that film?? \m/

  2. Oh yeah, Possession of Michael King surprised me... thought I wouldnt like it, but pleasantly surprised... I just got Jaime Marks but havent watched it yet... and Kite looks interesting?? I used to not pay much attention to manga-turned live action films until I saw Blood: The Last Vampire... think its worth it?? \m/

  3. Watching Moebius soon, because we're always looking to appreciate our penis more. Can't wait to watch The Rover. Leprechaun was awful. And yes, we do want to see Kite, so worth a look, at least to us.

    Out of all of these, we went with Jamie Marks is Dead first. It was a great film, but it was more of a teenage coming of age thing, which is great, but we're not sure if well review it here or not. Definitely worthy of a watch, though.