August 22, 2014

What's new on VOD this week?

VOD 550
There may only be a few notable Genre releases on the VOD front this week, but at least two out of three of them look promising.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is available for early Digital Purchase now, more than 2 weeks ahead of its Blu-ray & DVD release. This one will cost you $19.99 -as it's a Digital Purchase, and not a rental- so be warned. You could always wait until September 9th to rent it (for far less $$$), or buy yourself the Blu-ray, which is always the best option as far as quality goes. Still, if you prefer to have your movies in Digital format, and if you want to see it RIGHT NOW, then have at it!

Chimeres looks to be an interesting (and bloody) take on the Vampire mythos, and we'll be seeing it based off of the trailer alone. Be warned though: Chimeres is a Swiss film which features French spoken language, so it will no doubt be subtitled. That shouldn't matter though, because subtitles are always the way to go. ALWAYS!

Finally there's Cam2Cam, a movie about a psycho going around and killing camwhores, which fundamentally sounds like a fun premise to us. Given director Joel Soisson's previous work though, were not holding out too much hope that Cam2Cam will be anything more than a cheesy Direct-to-Video mess... but you never know. Then again, we pretty much always know.


  1. I have some interest in Cam2Cam. Soisson’s work is usually mediocre but not awful and this apparently/hopefully should have lots of T&A given the premise. Based on the trailer, it looks more entertaining than The Prince, also out on VOD today and starring Bruce Willis who really has lowered his standards in recent years with all this B and C-grade stuff. The special effects for the explosion in the trailer for The Prince are laughable. Movie looks so cheap.

  2. Yeah, not really sure what happened to Bruce Willis, but he's definitely starred in nothing but C-grade crap for years now. And yes, I include the last two Die Hard movies in that catergory.