August 16, 2014

What's new on VOD this week?

VOD 550
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New to VOD this week: the worst detour ever; a shit-covered anti-hero; and a sibling Serial Killer yarn that was made on an $8000 budget.

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The Devil's Mile (Available on iTunes) looks like it could end up being some low-budget, Supernatural fun, but we'll wait to hear some more word of mouth before we commit our hard earned $$$ to this one; early reviews are saying that it's a swing and a miss, so it doesn't sound too promising.

Septic Man (Available on Amazon Instant, iTunes, and Cable VOD) has been available on Amazon Instant for a few weeks now, but today it sees full release across all VOD platforms. As we said in last week's column, there's probably too much fecal matter in this one to make us actually sit down and watch it, but fans of Troma's crazy brand of moviemaking should dig it.

Found (Available on iTunes and Cable VOD) is a movie that was made on a near nonexistent budget of $8000, and it honestly looks like it might be interesting; the idea of a kid finding out that his brother is a Serial Killer, and how they both come to terms with that knowledge, intrigues us. We'll give this one a look just to be supportive, because for a movie with such a small budget to look as "decent" as it does, is no small feat.

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