August 19, 2014

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for August 19th

A few good movies and a couple of big TV Seasons see release this week, only one of which (Leviathan) was a Day One purchase for us. We're picky like that.

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Leviathan sits in our hot little hands as we speak, waiting for us to give it a spin and relive some fond childhood memories. In 1989, Hollywood gave us three underwater Horror/Sci-Fi movies: The Abyss, Deepstar Six, and Leviathan. The Abyss was probably the best of them, but Leviathan has always held a special place in our hearts for being a nothing more than a monster movie that was set underwater; no heavy-handed messages, no aliens, just Peter Weller doing battle with a mutoid creature... underwater. How could that not be great? Scream Factory does it again with this one, and we can't recommend it highly enough. *For the record, we'd gladly buy The Abyss or Deepstar Six on Blu-ray, if they were available.

Ti West's latest movie, The Sacrament (our  review HERE), is an effective Found Footage flick about a creepy cult, and the dumbasses that are dumbass enough to try and expose them to the world. This was a pretty good entry into the FF sub-genre, and it's worth checking out for Gene Jones' fantastic performance alone.

We're also liking the Identity/Vacancy 2-pack, which features two solid Thrillers for a really cheap price. We will definitely be upgrading our DVD's and buying this one.
After liking the first one so much, we were really, really disappointed in The Amazing Spider-Man 2; it was clunky, goofy, and far too busy for its own good... and don't even get us started on Rhino being a dude in a robotic suit. Sadly, we will not be adding this one to our collections.

The Quiet Ones was a rental at best; we've yet to see Only Lovers Left Alive, so no opinion on that one, although from what we hear it's supposed to be great; and Toy Story of Terror! would be great if we were still 6-years-old.

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Fans of Boardwalk Empire and Once Upon a Time should be thrilled this week with the latest seasons of both shows hitting Blu/DVD. Revolution fans, on the other hand, must be conflicted; after being cancelled, is there really a point to buying this new season knowing that some questions will never be answered, and that its potential storylines will never be realized?

Rosemary's Baby is a no go for us.

Lots of B-Grade schlock here, most of which we'll wait to catch on the Netflix's of the world, if at all.

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