March 27, 2012

DVD Releases for March 27

March is closing out with a cheesy, b-movie bang as far as DVDs go.

The only sure bet for us is the MST3K box set, which is the 23rd they've released. Crazy robots making fun of bad movies is a beautiful thing, and gets our money every time. If you enjoy laughing, then the Mystery Science Theater crew should be a part of your collection without a doubt.

As for Camel Spiders, Die and Monster Brawl... well, we're not expecting much, but you never know. If you like the crazy style of Roger Corman, you may like Camel Spiders. Die looks as if it could be an interesting low budget flick, because we're always willing to give Elias Koteas a chance. Monster Brawl strikes me as being a one way ticket to suck city, but since Kevin Nash is in it (and we're NWO 4 Life), we will give it an open-minded chance.

The two old school re-issues of the group could be fun. Strip Nude for Your Killer looks like some cheesy Sexploitation/Slasher action, which really could go either way. The Girl in Room 2A looks pretty bad, but again, you never know with those schlocky 70's flicks.


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