March 20, 2012

DVD Releases for March 20

At first glance, this week's DVD releases seem like a crazy pot luck of low budget risks, but upon closer inspection, you'll see that a few gems exist amongst the... fodder?

With the release of The Hunger Games this Friday, tons of interest should be swinging Battle Royale's way. On DVD for the first time ever in the U.S., Battle Royale is the story of a group of teenagers who are forced by the government to participate in a game in which they must kill each other to win... sound familiar? It is. And kiddies, Battle Royale was around long before Katniss Everdeen was, so stop your moping about it. The two stories are more than just a bit similar. On its own, BR is a must own for horror fans; a true classic.

Next on the list is last year's A Lonely Place to Die, which was one of our 10 best of 2011. It's a fun, taut little backwoods thriller, with mountain climbing and Mmmelissa George thrown in, just to add some extra flavor. This is also a must see.

Creature made just about everyone's 10 worst list of 2011, as it was pretty bad. We didn't hate it with that much venom, mainly because it has some pleasant eye candy going for it, but it's a rent at best. For most people, it's probably more like a skip.

The Hills Have Eyes 2 and Satan's Slave are re-issues of older flicks.

Every other movie on the list is a big question mark. Claustrophobia looks interesting, as does Jarring, but like the rest of them, they could be bad movie traps. Of course, being the fools that we are, we'll probably see most of them. We will probably regret seeing most of them too.

 As always, click the pics for more info on the flicks.


What will you rent, buy, or avoid?

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