March 6, 2012

DVD Releases for March 6

Yay, March is here! Woo! There's really nothing exciting about March, but we thought we'd cheer it on; March never gets enough love. Too cold.

Anywho, this weeks DVD Releases are an exciting crop.

First amongst them all, is the Season 1 box set of HBO's Game of Thrones. If you haven't been watching this amazing series, you're missing out one of the best shows on TV, in any country. It's worth the $30-35 that most retailers are selling it for this week, so go and buy it now. Also in the too-good-not-to-own category is The Town. Ben Affleck, as it turns out, is a hell of a Director. With The Town, he gives us one of the best crime thriller/heist flicks in recent memory. It's good stuff. You should own it.

The Skin I Live In is another one worth checking out, although we would rent and not own it. It'd be a fine movie to own, an excellent one even, but we aren't sure we'd watch it over and over. Either way, it deserves to be seen, whether rented or bought. The Bereavement/Malevolence double feature is one we like too. Both flicks were solid and entertaining, and we most def want them in our collection.

As for the rest of this weeks flicks... 1313: Bigfoot Island is the latest David DeCoteau homo erotic horror flick. Not our taste, so we'll pass Immortals was decent, but not something we'd ever watch again. Killjoy... LOL. Killjoy is definitely bad movie territory, and if you like them so-bad-they're-good, you'll dig the trilogy. Recoil starring Danny Terjo and Steve Austin, kicking each others asses... we'd rent that. Requiem of the Damned and Shackled, we will probably catch on cable, unless we get a screener in the mail.

Finally, we haven't seen The Pack, but really want to. We'd give it a blind buy on word of mouth alone.


What will you rent, buy, or avoid?

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