March 13, 2012

DVD Releases for March 13


This week is not a DVD buyers paradise.
As far as the two multi-pack releases go, we'd go buy V For Vendetta, Constantine, and Last House on the Left on their own, and skip having to be stuck with the other flicks that are included in the sets. It really sucks how they always seem to pack agood movie or two in with some clunkers, and basically force you to buy them all if you just want the goodies.
Absentia wasn't one that we liked very much, and we wouldn't buy or rent it. We didn't even want to spend the time to review it, which is why we didn't.
Stephen King's Bag of Bones... We love us some Stephen King here at THC, but his mini-series' of late seem to be more on the bland side than anything else. Bag of Bones is nothing we'd watch again, or recommend to anyone else.
Killer's Moon is interesting, in that it's an old school 70's style piece of British sleaze-horror. Those tend to at least be interesting We will be picking this one up.
Melancholia... you either love Lars Von Trier's striking visual style and his penchant for mixing the visceral with the abstract, or you don't. Melancholia is a good movie if you're feeling particularly deep or insightful. or it you're really high. It's worth a look.
Thou Shall Not Kill... Except is a 1985 gore flick starring Sam Raimi as a crazed cult leader. It's bloody, nasty, cheesy, and stars Sam Raimi, and even his brother Ted. You should at least see it once. Did we mention Sam Raimi?
1313: UFO Invasion is more homo-erotic horror for the twink fans amongst us. If you like it gay, then I guess, come this way?
Virgin Witch is 1972 Sexploitation goodness, if you like that sort of thing. We kinda do, in a kitschy way, so we may check this one out.We're in no hurry though.

As always, click the pics for more info on the flicks.


What will you rent, buy, or avoid?


  1. I will definitely buy Absentia =)
    Btw, your blog is AMAZING! :)

  2. Well thank you. You're amazing for thinking oue stuff is amazing! :)