March 13, 2012

... and 10 Movie Posters that give us pause...

These posters may have caught our eye, but we're kinda nervous about the movies they're representing.

Really? Do the people that came up with this poster, let alone title, expect either to make the average horror fan spend money on their flick? It hurts being a horror fan sometimes.
Sure, this poster made our collective wiener sit up and take notice, but can zombies really be sexy?
We really should know better, but alright, we're in.
Fuck you, The Asylum (Pictures.) You and your movies.
Sure it's based on actual events. Sure it is.
I know it's Troma and all, but man, no.
Hot chick, half naked in a school girl outfit, and her name might just be Lucky Ho... why in the world would we not see this?
What are Nazi's going to do at the center of the earth? There are no Jews there! Are they going to fight lava? I call shenanigans.
Another shitty movie about killer sharks, starring Brooke Hogan... No.
The picture intrigued us until we saw the name Kevin Sorbo lurking up there at the top, and then we were all like, nah.

1 comment :

  1. Most of these raise more questions than they answer, but Nazis from the Centre of the Earth can only be awesome. Even if it is an Asylum movie.