March 15, 2012

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned bad movie?

Before we were a proper Horror Club, we spent our Friday nights watching the worst movies that we could dredge up from the depths of celluloid hell. For years we would gift each other awful movies for Holidays, Birthdays, even going so far as to make sure everyone got a bad movie on other people's Birthdays...

Then we'd gather, watch them, cringe a lot, laugh even more, and sometimes smack each other in the face. Really, people got smacked.

We've begun to miss out Bad Movie Nights, so on Fridays from now on we will watch a bad movie from our collections (which numbers in the hundreds, if not 1000+), to add a little laughter to our horror schedule.

In a way, they will be more terrifying than some of the blood soaked creep-fests we endure on a daily basis around here.

See ya Friday!

So much good badnees awaits...


  1. Great idea, I love bad movies and I'm going to posting reviews of them on my own blog every so often. I actually plan on posting my review of Story of Ricky this coming friday, so if you're a fan of that movie, please do drop by and check it out. Cheers Ashley

    They Made Me Do It

  2. Will do Ashley.
    Our first bad movie is going to be Troll 2... that movie makes us wish we had watched Riki-Oh lol