March 26, 2012

While we're on the topic of The Hunger Games...

... which everyone seems to be after this weekend's massive opening, let's take a look at something that involves Jennifer Lawrence.

Now, House at the End of the Street was supposed to be released twice already; first in February of this year, and then it was shifted to April. It's no surprise that producers moved it yet again, this time to September 20th, to allow Hunger Games mania to build up interest in their star. It should open pretty big now, for a smaller horror flick. Free advertising, basically.

In all honesty, it looks to be another tame PG-13 outing that probably wont do much for most horror fans, us included. For the millions of girls who now call Jennifer L. their hero because she played a girl named Katpiss on screen, we think they'll show up to check her out. In droves.

The hottest actress in the world right now sweating profusely in a wife beater... how can that possibly go wrong?

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