March 13, 2012

10 Movie Posters that make us curious...

Here are some posters that caught our eye, that make us want to see their respective flicks.

Bloody and Swedish, we're with you, Mara! (You should Google Angelica Jansson... and you're welcome in advance.)
We're in.
A new Leslie Vernon poster is always something to celebrate, especially when it looks this good.
This movie may never happen, but this poster absolutely rocks.
This movie looks as it it's about a scary spider, and yet the poster makes us want to see it... despite even the whole scary spider thing.
Whore Lake.
Wow. So... we're guessing it isn't blood that sustains her?
That poster is awesome, mainly because we've never seen a pig with an axe before.
This movie looks cheap as hell, but we still feel compelled to see it. It's a lil' creepy lookin'.
This is one we've wanted to see for a while now. It looks like the good kind of POV/Found Footage flick.

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