January 18, 2009

The Best of 2009 so far... A Running Tally

I wanna keep a running "Best of" list for 2009, to have a handy reference of where this years new releases stack up against each other. If it's new in either theaters or on DVD, or will be at some point this year, then you'll find it here. ...and of course, we will only include the ones we've seen thus far.

Trick r' Treat A+ District 9 A Drag Me To Hell A Zombieland A The Children A Acolytes A Antichrist A Dead Snow (a.k.a. Dod Sno) A The Last House on the Left A Grace A- Orphan A- Killer Movie- A- Friday the 13th- A- Pontypool B+ Home Movie B+ Sauna B+ I Sell the Dead B+ Infestation B+ Underworld: Rise of the Lycans- B+ The Hills Run Red B+ Laid to Rest B+ Thirst B+ Beautiful B+ Hush B+ Kill Theory B+ Mum and Dad- B+ One Eyed Monster B+ House of the Devil B Carriers B Red Mist (a.k.a. Freakdog)- B My Bloody Valentine 3-D- B The Devil's Tomb B Embodiment of Evil B- Dolan's Cadillac B- The Uninvited- B- The Thaw B- Gnaw B- The Broken B- The Burrowers- B- Fritt Vilt II C+ Dead in 3 Days C+ Tormented C+ Invitation Only C+ Plague Town C+ The Horsemen C+ Dying Breed- C+ Amusement- C+ Deadgirl C Book of Blood C Backwoods C It's Alive C Dead Air C Babysitter Wanted- C Elsewhere C From Within- C The Grudge 3- C Dorothy Mills- C

Lesbian Vampire Killers C- Doghouse C- The Chaos Experiment C- Seventh Moon C- The Unborn- C- Autopsy- C- Walled In- C- Hit and Run- C- Against the Dark- C-/D+ Giallo D+ Perkins 14 D+ Boogeyman 3- D+ Vacancy 2: The First Cut- D+ Plaguers D+ Slaughter D Homecoming D The Tribe D Vinyan D Halloween 2- D/DO NOT WANT Autumn- DO NOT WANT The Telling- DO NOT WANT The Cell 2- DO NOT WANT Dark Reel- DO NOT WANT Bad Biology- DO NOT WANT Cthulhu- DO NOT WANT That's 80 so far, and the releases keep coming...


  1. A great movie i saw recently was "Let the right one in", you have to put that on the A+plus list.

  2. That was our movie of the year for 2008! :)

  3. Great site, I just watched "Inside" last night, holy crap!

  4. You have some good taste. Let The Right One In and Inside are both great movies, just in different ways.

    Inside is REALLY messed up. I love it though :)

  5. dude, WTF is up with the ending of "Inside"? i had to watch it again and im still lost. did the cop turn into a zombie?? and what was up with the woman, did the baby die again or was she in hell or something??