January 4, 2009

Solo Review: Boogeyman 3 (2009)

Sub-Genre- Supernatural
Cast Members of Note- No one I've heard of, so they can't be of note! I guess the picture of Tobin Bell might count...

Jigsaw's daughter Audrey is off to College, where she is haunted by something even lamer than the last two Saw movies... The Boogeyman!

The creepiest part of the movie.
Terrified that the Boogeyman has followed her to her new dorm room, Audrey hangs herself, leaving her roomie Sarah to clean up the mess. After reading Audrey's diary, Sarah begins to believe that the Boogeyman is after her too, and so she tries warning her friends to look out for any evil creature that may be living under their beds or in their closets. Of course no one believes her, and they all start dying in bloody, yet remarkably not-scary ways.

The Boogeyman is obviously racist.
I won't ruin the ending for you here, because the last scene in the movie is actually the best one, but I will say that it involves a Hottie with visible pokies, and even manages to be tense. Also, there will no doubt be a Boogeyman 4 at some point.

Why was she not in more of this movie?!?
What really frustrates me about this kind of movie, is that it's one of those B-movies with pretty decent production values (thanks to Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures), but it squanders its own resources. It looks pretty, but where is the tension, dread, and terror that any good Horror movie should be rife with? I do commend this movie for avoiding the PG-13 trappings of the first movie, and going the more bloody route though.

Oh, there will be blood.
Seriously, if your closet opens by itself, are you really goint to walk over and step inside?

I love when Horror movies use jump scares and music cues to tell me when to be afraid. Awesome! Also, why not be the 5,099th movie to use the "stuttered/broken" movement thing for your evil entity, a trick that was not only stolen from Asian Horror films, but was driven into the ground by Hollywood filmmakers?

The overuse of random nudity is fine though.
A hanging, a bong impalement, blood dripping from walls and ceilings, back breaking, hallways littered with bodies, a cool laundry room scene... this one doesn't skimp on the violence!

That laundry is pretty much ruined.
Ooh, a bathtub scene! I saw a butt and a nipple! I know, I need a life... Plenty of Hotties are on display in this one, but only one of them gets truly naked.

Nice view though...
What can we learn from a movie like this, that we haven't learned before? Maybe that everyone swings and misses sometimes?

Not their best effort...
Aside from the ample Hotties on display, and the copious amounts of blood and gore used, I have to say this one missed the mark. It just wasn't scary. Not in the least. This movie isn't bad, so much as it's plain, boring, and ultimately forgettable. Unless you're 14, really bored, and have seen everything else at the video store (or are scared by absolutely everything), then skip this one.


Despite its flaws, this movie did have its perks..

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