January 28, 2009

The First Horror Hottie of 2009 is... Erica Roby!

Horror Filmography:
Invasion of the Pod People (2007)
Halloween Night (2007)
Dracula's Curse (2006)
Hillside Cannibals (2006)
Exorcism: The Possession of Gail Bowers (2006)

Alright, so Erica Roby has never really been in any "good" Horror movies, though some of them have been half-way passable if you like B-grade Horror... but that isn't the point is it? The point is, look at her!

She's extremely hot, and at least she tackles the genre head on and gives it a damn good try; most of her B-movies are at least a sight better than the "Molly Hartley's" of the world.

Mainly she's here because she's hot. Just look at her face. Then look at her boobs, butt and tummy. Then, go get a bunch of tissues and "watch" one of her movies. Oh yeah. In addition to her being adorable and good looking, she isn't afraid to go for the lesbian love on screen either! I'm not talking about one scene in one movie, I'm talking about multiple scenes, in multiple movies!

She's not afraid to get naked onscreen either, which makes her even more awesome. It does make me wonder though if she has a drug debt or is being blackmailed or something, because she really spends a lot of her screen time naked, having sex, or doing some lesbian canoodling in pretty much anything she's in. Not that I'm complaining...

In a surprising twist, IMDB has her listed as a story editor on Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab show on VH1. So maybe she's more than just a pretty face? She hasn't made a movie since 2007, which makes me sad; the genre needs more gorgeous Hotties like her that love being naked and doing lesbian scenes. Let's hope she comes back to us soon!

A few more pics of the lovely Ms. Roby, for your viewing pleasure.

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