January 6, 2009

Solo Review: Mum and Dad (2009)

Sub-Genre- Torture Porn (With hints of really Black Comedy)
Cast Members of Note- The hot Olga Fedori, and the uber creepy Perry Benson as dad.

Lena, is a cute Polish chick who works hard at the Airport, doing her best to make some friends whilst wiping crap from toilets all day, but is there more to her than that? No, not Really. Birdie is a dirty little British Bird (hence the name) who won't shut up, steals from her employer, and has a retarded brother named Retardo... but is there more to her than that? Why yes there is! She's also a really creepy bitch!

"Good girl. Now suck on Dad's toes..."
When Lena misses her bus, Birdie and Retardo take her home, promising her a ride from her Dad. Oh, she gets a ride alright... a ride through the lonely countryside of terror and mayhem! She's chained up and held against her will, forced to make out with severed heads, watch her "new Dad" jerk off into severed body parts, and fold laundry. Mayhem ensues as Lena tries to escape whilst being molested, abused, and tortured by her "new family."

Yes, he's really tossing off...
Will she ever escape? Will she be forced to "take" Dad's Christmas "present?" Did she fold the laundry correctly? I won't spoil the ending here, but suffice it to say that everyone gets stabbed at least once, save for Retardo. Somehow, he manages to come out of this one in pretty good shape.

This picture is a metaphor, but for what?
I'm not even sure where to begin with this one. It may not be the bloodiest thing I've ever seen, but it's certainly amongst the most disturbing. I guess the most horrifying part of it all, whether you like the film or not, is that these events could actually happen in the real world. Hell, similar things have happened. Go ahead and Google Fred and Rosemary West; the similarities between their story and this movie are eerily disturbing.

The way the characters are portrayed in Mum and Dad is maybe it's best part; they went about things so matter-of-factly, it was as if they didn't know how utterly horrendous their actions were. From what I've heard, Perry Benson (Dad) is actually a comedy actor. Good job Perry, you made me never want to trust strangers again.

If you like your Horror movies to make you frown and wince, cover your eyes, and not want to eat for a week after watching them, then this one is definitely for you.

"How'd you like that punch in the face what Father Christmas left you?"
With three women in the house, Dad still chooses to make love to a torn piece of human flesh... good God.

She's not happy being second best.
The head does NOT want a kiss, thank you very much.

Dad jerking off into a chunk of human flesh, plenty of random cutting, stabbing, and abuse, a beheading... this movie is most definitely not for the squeamish.

"Give us a kiss, yeah?"
Male bum-crack is all we get in this one... and it's Dad's!

"I see you've sent her off. Want to help do the same for me?"

Cheeky creep.
Never trust British people. Also, don't ever make new friends, because they'll likely just want to rape, torture, then kill you.

"Get back in your whore closet!"
This one isn't groundbreaking in the least, and in fact it borrows from plenty of other genre greats, but it's utterly effective in what it's trying to do and say. It's dismal, permeated with a foggy sense of dread, and is a difficult and nasty watch. See it when you can, but do so on an empty stomach.


Mum and Dad is available now on DVD and VOD.


Ainsley Howard was creepy in this, whereas Olga Fedori was quite sympathetic.

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