January 22, 2017

Happy Birthday Linda Blair!

Linda Blair will always be the first 12-year-old girl that scared the ever loving shit out of me; The Exorcist is to this day one of the best, if not the best Horror movie ever made, and little Linda Blair's possessed performance is at the heart of it all. When most people hear her name, they can't help but think of the 1973 classic about the possessed little girl with the cracked face.

She went on to star in a bunch of cheesy exploitation flicks throughout the 70's and 80's where she got all kinds of naked; dated Rick James, which prompted him to write Cold Blooded about her; and she runs a pit bull (and all dogs) rescue in California, which may be the coolest thing about her.

She's an all-time Horror Hottie, and we wish her a happy birthday!


1 comment :

  1. My incredibly awesome wife, knowing well my Linda Blair fixation, got me the Roller Boogie BR over the holidays. Now if someone would just get their butts in gear and get Ruckus out...