January 25, 2017

Horror Hotties: Maggie Geha

We recently watched a little Indie flick called The Harrow. It was decent enough effort for a smaller budget effort, but it played like a Lifetime movie of the week (at least for me), and so I decided not to review it, because why rag on a decent little movie that tried, just because it wasn't my cup of tea.

One great thing the movie did have to offer though was my first glimpse of Maggie Geha. She apparently plays Poison Ivy on FOX's Gotham, but until now, I had never laid eyes on her... and I'll always be thankful to The Harrow for changing that.

She's frigging gorgeous, and she plays evil well enough, so let's hope that she gets plenty of Genre work from here on out.

Feast your eyes on this up and coming starlet. You're welcome.

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