January 4, 2017

Blu-ray & DVD Release Dates for January & February!

2017 is here, and it's brought plenty of Must Own Blu-ray & DVD titles along with it!

We've updated our Blu-ray & DVD Release Dates List page to reflect everything that's hitting Blu-ray & DVD between now and March, and below you'll find a small sampling of what the next two months worth of physical media releases have to offer us.

We're most excited to be getting the Never Sleep Again/Crystal Lake Memories 2-Pack, because both were excellent documentaries; The Monster, because it was one of the best movies of 2016; Arrival, because we didn't catch it in theaters; The Raid Collection, because those two movies in one set is perfection; and The Gate, which is a sentimental 80's fave of ours.

And there will be more worthwhile titles than just that lurking about over the next few months. 

You can click any of the pics below to order yourself some movies, or click the banner above to check out our full Blu-ray & DVD Release Dates List.

*If you aren't already a member, you should really give Amazon Prime a shot, especially if you order movies on the regular like we do, because the free two-day shipping pays for itself after around 10 orders. Check it out for free HERE.


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