September 30, 2012

Our 31 Days Pre-Game warm up!


It's that time of year again!

October is our month; There's a creepy chill in the air, the trees are losing their leaves, and the best day of the year is only mere weeks away. Halloween is our Christmas, and that's why we celebrate it not only on the 31st, but for the 30 days leading up to it as well.

This year for our 31 Days of Horror countdown, we're mixing it up a bit. On some days, we're going to do a double feature with like-minded movies, on others, we're going to watch multiple flicks in a series. Sometimes we'll just watch one flick. Depends.

Some days during the 31, we're going to check out new releases at the Theater; with full crowds to scream along with us.

To get us in the mood for tomorrow's day 1 kick off, we're watching one of the most seminal Halloween flicks ever made. If this one doesn't get us in that dark, cold, fall-is-here type of mood, nothing will.

Trick r' Treat is to Halloween what A Christmas Story is to Christmas; it's an essential, almost seminal Holiday movie-watching experience. It's a mood setter. It's a modern day classic. It's a movie about the actual spirit of Halloween, and what happens to those foolish enough to not follow its rules.

There's no better way to get ourselves into the Halloween mood.

See you tomorrow for Day One!

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