September 25, 2012

The Digital Dread Report for September 25th

And so we arrive at what is probably the biggest DVD and Blu-ray release date of this year. Today marks the release of the Mega-Uber massive global Box Office phenomenon known as The Avengers.

The Avengers will be available in different versions and come in different retailer exclusive packages and sets to please casual and die hard fans alike. We will be picking up the 3D Blu-ray bundle for $19.99 at Target, because they have it for $10 cheaper than anywhere else. No matter what version is available to you, this is a must own title.

Aside from the super hero madness, there are plenty of other great titles out today that will help us all break our banks.

There's the Bond 50 Blu-ray Box which has every 007 movie in it for around $150. The Complete Lone Wolf and Cub set is an awesome buy; if you've never seen Shogun Assassin, you're missing out. The Game Criterion Collection edition is a must have for fans of the Fincher classic thriller.

On the Horror front, there are several must own titles. The first season of American Horror Story is one we want if we can grab it at a good price, and The Tall Man is a cool flick that is worth checking out. Let's not forget that Zombie and Maniac are getting Blu-ray releases too, and they are definite must-owns for horror fans.

The Hole is a movie from 2009 that is just seeing release now, and we have no idea why it took so long to see the light of day. We reviewed it years ago and really liked it. It's kid friendly and fun, and definitely worth a watch.

Asylum Blackout, Resident Evil: Damnation, Stripper's vs. Werewolves and all the rest, well those are toss-ups. Take your chances if you like, but there are way too many other great releases this week to give them too much thought.

So yeah, it's a jam packed week, and unless you're hood rich, you just can't buy them all. *If you are hood rich, please send some hood riches our way so that we can get them all this week. If you don't, then you're just being selfish.

Happy shopping.

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