September 28, 2012

The Theatrical Trauma of September 28th

The end of September is extremely fucking nigh (heh), and she's giving us one last batch of horror flicks to enjoy in theaters, like the good little month that she is.

Looper is the big one to go see this weekend. JGL playing the younger version of Bruce Willis, who is sent back in time to kill himself.. or his older version is sent back to be killed... whatever. It looks awesome. Rian Johnson knows how to make a good flick (Brick, The Brothers Bloom), and this one looks to add some prestige to his small but impressive resume.

We gave a quick review of The Hole (HERE) two years ago, and it is finally seeing a U.S. release, which is a good thing for horror fans. It's a creepy, well made little flick that is friendly family to boot. If it's playing near you in limited release, definitely give it a go. It's worth your time.

Solomon Kane (REVIEW HERE) is another flick that we saw many moons ago, and is just now seeing a limited U.S. release. It's a serviceable sword and sorcery flick full of demons and plenty of anti-hero brooding. Lots of people love this flick, and you just might too.

The Barrens is the new Darren Lynn Bousman flick, and it looks pretty decent. Bill Compton from True Blood and Hector (aka Hammerhead) from The Unit are in it, so we'll give it a go. Also, Mia Kirshner is hot, so there's that too.

We'll go ahead and leave Hotel Transylvania for the kids.

So, you have a few good reasons to take your happy arse's to theaters this weekend, so get to it. All the cool kids are doing it.

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