September 4, 2012

The Digital Dread Report for September 4th

... and now, the horror of our emptying wallets begins!

September is just crazy full of must own/see movies for we horror fans. Just peruse that list below. Alright, some of those releases suck, but so many of them do not suck, making for a positive Don't Suck to Suck ratio. It's science.

The one above all for us this week is Re-Animator on Blu-ray; not only is it one of the all time greats, but we don't own it in HD yet, so it's ours. There's not even a second thought needed. Ours.

Sleepwalkers and Arachnophobia are also on our lists, even though we hate cats and spiders with equal fervor. They're fun little movies from our collective childhood, and we have weak spots for them, even if they aren't "classics." Same goes for The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. We love us some 80's-hot Rebecca De Mornay. Scarface is a Must Upgrade for us, because it's one of those classic flicks that we need in HD, even though we already own the DVD.

Now, Megaforce is only being released on DVD, but it's still a must own for us; it's everything that was awesome about cheesy, shitty "so bad it's good" movies of the 80's. If you've never seen it, do so. It's a riot. Also, Barry Bostwick's hair/beard combo is awesome in this.

Haven and Person of Interest are two of our fave shows, so owning them on Blu-ray would be nice, but TV boxed sets are more expensive and we've got too much else to grab this week, so later on for them. We'd almost consider buying the Hellraiser 2-pack, but multi-packs tend to be light on special features, and we love them too much to go without. For someone who wants just the movies though, and could care less about extras, it's a good buy.

Safe was decent, and is worth a rental. As for the rest of the flicks this week, meh.

Oh yeah, lest we forget, Piranha 3DD can go fuck itself.

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