September 10, 2012

The Digital Dread report for September 11th

Alright, remember when I told you all a while back that September would test our wallets? Well, shit just got real.

In month where we've already seen an ultimate Harry Potter boxed set released for $350, a Resident Evil boxed set for $50, and a handful of other cool genre releases that have $10'd and $20'd us to death, this week's releases start the true deluge of titles that many of us want/need to own.

While the "biggest" release this week is an extended version of Snow White and the Huntsman (which we're definitely getting), this week is truly more a horror lover's dream.

All 3 Paranormal Activity flicks in one Blu-ray set. The Best Buy exclusive Blu-ray of The Ring going wide to all retailers. The Blu-ray debut of TCM 2. Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Jeepers Creepers, The Loved Ones... all of them beloved by horror fans, and all of them worthy of owning.

Then there's the insane amount of multi-packs being released this week. For people who just want the bare bones versions of their favorite flicks and don't need a ton of extra's, these are perfect; they're cheap and packed with goodness. The Miramax Double Feature's are especially interesting. If you can buy only one of them, we say you should get the one with Darkness/Below; they're both great movies, especially Below. It's one of the best "haunted house" flicks we've seen.

Braveheart/Gladiator/Saving Private Ryan... how do you go wrong with those three movies on Blu-ray, and all in one set? You don't. Those flicks are all definite must own's.

And what about the Hammer House of Horror 5 disc set? The entire 13 episode British TV show for $34.99 is a done deal. What great early 80's stuff.

There's more of course, but we've covered the releases that needed covering. Enjoy deciding which ones you're going to pick up, and remember, the next two weeks only get worse; The Indyboxed set, Cabin in the Woods, new versions of Halloween II & III, The James Bond 50 set, The Hitchcock set, Zombie, Maniac... and a little movie called The Avengers.



  1. I've already got all three Paranormal Activities on Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy combos (in fact, the wife and I just watched all three of them--BACKWARDS--about a week ago), so I won't be double-dipping on those. But I need, NEED, NEED Killer Klowns...and yes, even Jeepers Creepers. And The Avengers? Well, that's a no-brainer!


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