June 15, 2012

Updated Post- Jennifer Connelly (Horror Hottie)

Click JC's face to go to the updated post! Exciting, I know.
Every now and then we get comments on older posts, and of course we try to respond to them all. In doing so, we get to take a look at our past handy work, and frankly, some of it does not look very handy anymore.

THC began way back in 2008 as a group of friends, a Club if you will, who would get together, watch horror flicks, and then sit and talk about them. That was our whole purpose. I started this blog as a place for us to come and have some fun talking about what we watched, thinking that only we would ever see it. I mean, it was only 7-12 of us (depending) who all knew each other. Never did I (we) think that anyone outside of our family circle would give two shits what we thought about horror movies, or anything else for that matter.

Four years and Millions of visitors later, I guess we were wrong. *For the record, that's not me bragging at all. I still can't believe that a small blog like our has friends from all over the world including actors and film makers that visit and correspond with us. Truly.

The point I'm making is that in the beginning, a lot of our posts were sparse and all over the place, and they make me sad to go back and revisit. So why not update some in between our new stuff, right? Especially since Blogger changed it's post editor, and it's easier to make things look bigger and more dynamic.

I figured an old Horror Hottie post would be the easiest one to update. Thing is though, Blogger's new Editor is also a pain in the ass, so just updating this simple little post took two days of tinkering. We got it now though.

Going forward we will update some old reviews and fun posts that need it, mainly because it will make us feel better.

That is all.

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  1. I feel your pain about the new Blogger editor. I've tried it but at the moment I've still got the old one. There's a big threatening warning every time I log into the dashboard saying that the old interface is going to be removed. It's been there for 6 months now though so I've become complacent. If it does change, it'll probably be the end of my blogging.