June 5, 2012

The Digital Dread report for June 5th

June, oh June, what digital treats hast thou in store for us in this, your first week?

Act of Valor and Safe House are the best bets this week, though they are the least horror amongst the releases. Still, They've got killing and all kinds of action, so we're compelled to see them. They were both pretty decent flicks, and we will be picking them up on Blu-ray.

John Carter... the most maligned movie of the year. In all honesty, John Carter got a far worse rap than it should have. The story was written 100 years ago, so it's bound to be filled with elements that we find cheesy and even silly today; the cheesy alien names and the fact that Mars is abundant with life, for instance. It is a cheesy movie and it definitely could have been far better, but we did not hate watching it, In fact, we half-way enjoyed it. That is a compliment coming from us, I promise. Will we buy it? No. Is it so bad that you should avoid even renting it? No. You may even enjoy it like we did.

The rest of this week's releases are a potpourri of "who knows?" The Collapsed looks interesting, but it also looks cheap, so it could go either way. Contrition, Dear God No!, and Lost Woods could all be huge stinkers. Rogue River we've seen and it was alright if you like the whole backwoods torture thing. So with this group of flicks, you take your chances.

If there's a worst bet this week, it's probably in the form of a cheesy Cable TV show... The first season of TNT's Falling Skies hits shelves this week, and while not something I personally enjoyed at all, some of the rest of us here at THC did. I think they're morons of course, but they swear it got good towards the end. Meh. This is probably a personal thing for me, so don't take my word for it. But you should.

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  1. Good call on John Carter, I ended up liking it a ton more than I thought, in fact I would not have watched at all but I sort of got dragged into it. I always thought E R Burrows was 'Tarzan' and not much else - so an eye opener for me.

  2. hey
    i am a huge fan of your and this site. you guys are a go to guys for anything horror. so i was wondering why haven't you made a supernatural review. i mean about the show "supernatural". it's a great series, creepy and scary(at least the first few seasons are). and honestly i just want your opinion about the thing.

  3. Yeah, John Carter really shocked me, as I thought I'd hate it. Battleship and Piranha 3-D were way worse than JC was.

    Thanks, Tin! We don't do much TV talk around here for one reason; it would be crazy time consuming to talk about all of the horror and genre shows that need to be discussed every week, and we know we wouldn't want to just do it "sometimes."

    We really should do Season recaps or something.

    By the way, I'd say that that there's 6 or 7 of us who love Supernatural. Most of the Ep's/seasons have been great, although as with most TV shows it loses it's way sometimes.

    We will have to do a post about Supernatural and a few other shows, maybe a top 10 list.