June 22, 2012

The Theatrical Trauma of June 22nd

It's sad that during a week in which we get a vampire movie in theaters, we'd rather go and see the new Pixar movie.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter looks goofy and we have no desire to pay $10 to go to the theater and watch it... well, one of us does, but not me, so he's overruled. The premise is goofy enough, but all of the slow motion wire-fu cheesiness in the trailers has just put us off. With all of the great horror movies out there that dare not even dream of a theatrical release, this is the crap we get in theaters? No thanks.

Brave, the new Pixar movie, may be far removed from the horror fodder we crave, but even so it's what we spend our money on this weekend. It's gonna open huge, and everything else that opens this week will be forgotten by the next.

There's also The Woman in the Fifth and Tortured which are both seeing limited release this week. The Woman in the Fifth looks like an interesting little thriller, and we saw The Tortured a few years ago, but they may be good options for horror fans if their city is lucky enough to be getting a print. We do find it odd that The Tortured has been on DVD in some countries since 2010 and is just now being released in theaters... better late than never?

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