June 1, 2012

The Theatrical Trauma of June 1st.

The first Friday in June gives horror fans what might be the best thing in the world; options.

The big release for we horror fans is Piranha 3DD. Piranha was a ton of shameless fun when it hit theaters back in 2010, and its sequel looks to be more of the same... it even promises more blood and more boobs. We are very, very there.

The biggest release of the week for all fans (not just horror geeks) is Snow White and The Huntsman. Sure, it has Kristen Stewart and her three facial expressions in it, but it also has Thor and Charlize Theron taking a milk bath... in all seriousness though, the trailers look great for this one, and we can't just pass up a decent looking fantasy flick. We're there.

We've already seen The Loved Ones and Apartment 143, both of which open in limited release this week. Had we seen neither, we'd be there for both, but as things stand, we're all set with these two. For those of you who haven't seen either of them, we'd definitely recommend The Loved Ones first, although Apartment 143 will appeal to those who like the whole POV ghost story thing.

In even smaller limited releases this weekend, are G.H.O.S.T. and The Final Shift.We have no clue about either of these movies, but at least they are options.

So there you go; two big ones, two small ones, and two even smaller ones this week, all geared towards our taste.

For those of you lucky enough to be in or close to Seattle though, The Seattle International Film Festival will have one additional treat for those lucky enough to be in close enough proximity to check it out, and that's V/H/S. One of the most eagerly anticipated and highly praised horror flicks of the year, V/H/S is the movie you should definitely see this weekend, if you're able.

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  1. I caught an early screening of Piranha 3DD and I thought it was terrible compared to the first one.

    It lacked the over the top gore and and over all charm.

    And I honestly think it had more breasts than piranhas - so unless your scared of breasts, it's not much of a horror movie.