June 19, 2012

This trailer makes the Dark Knight in our pants rise...

The Avengers has ruled the summer box office so far, and rightly so; it's a great movie. Come July 20th though, Batman will arrive to finish out his trilogy and Earth's mightiest heroes will no longer rule alone.

Christopher Nolan is brilliant. Tom Hardy is brilliant and his turn as Bane looks wicked. Oldman and Bale are both brilliant (Bale's gruff and gravely Batman voice notwithstanding.) Caine and Freeman are brilliant. Anne Hathaway will make us all meow as Catwoman.

-With all of the trailers, clips and TV spots we've seen thus far, it's curiously notable that we have yet to see any sign of Talia al Ghul. Will her Daddy make an appearance in this movie too?
-Will Bane snap the Bat's back?
-Is there more to Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character than simply being a cop?

This movie is going to kill it.

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