June 26, 2012

The Digital Dread Report for June 26th


Sector 7 is probably the safest bet this week. It wasn't A-level or anything, but it entertained and looked slick. Wrath of the Titans... well, it's as hollow as most big budget summer fare tends to be, but likewise it's also pretty and full of all kinds of great, FX laden action scenes. It's going to look great on Blu-ray.

Of the ones we haven't seen, there are a few that we really want to see. Parasitic and Don't Fall Asleep both really appeal to us, but on different levels. Hiding could be a decent Teen Terror flick. Could be.

As for the rest, well, they make us a bit nervous. Amok Train? Really? We'll just take some of these as they come.

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  2. Some great picks here, and we've seen a few of them but don't think we're going to bother with 'Titans' a second time around. The first time wasn't exactly inspiring.
    On the other hand the cover for 'All Dark Places' is enough to make me want to hide under a cusion and never some out (I have clown fear!) therefore, may be giving that one a miss to.


  3. I wanted to like Wrath. CGI was 'cool' I dunno, Sam worthington looked as tired of it as I felt watching it really.

  4. uuuuuhh loving the new look..
    that's all for now :))

  5. uhhhhhhhhhh loving the new look :))
    that's all for now

  6. Thanks for the spam, Jerry :)

    We hate clowns too Liam and Pearl. We don't blame you :)

    Wrath was pretty, not much more. A great blu-ray movie.

    Thanks, Tin! We're trying a few new things and will tinker until we're satisfied. :)

  7. That "4 Films Favorites" pack is why no-one should ever buy their DVDs from Big Lots or FYE. There used to be 6 of them in the set, I bought 3 and sold one. Now WB have released a pack of 4. It's madness!

    Nice template btw. I think it was slightly better before though in terms of navigation.

  8. I will be fixing the navigation Dr. This HTML business is just a low process for a non computer geek like myself though, so it will take a few more days. :)